Monday, October 25, 2010

Current trends in Jeans and its future

Denim cloth made its advent in 18th century as the choice of clothing for trade workers, slave laborers and plantation workers. The strength and durability of the cloth was the reason for its acceptance by the workers. Now Jeans made of denim cloth are often referred as casual wear and with time it’s again being transformed in to work wear and can even dressed up for evening wear. Today designer jeans is becoming one of the must have items. There are numbers for brand and styles available in market. According to me the two most popular cuts for today’s market are boot cut and skinny jeans.
Skinny jeans as the name suggest are skinny or body hugging all the down to the ankle. This style was first introduced in 1960’s. During 1970’s it was a staple item ans remained popular in 80’s but in 1990’s skinny was no more fashionable. In 2005/6 it made a comeback and now the style is really taking up the market.
Boot cut Jeans are tight till the knee and flares out a little to the ankle to make way for boot. Boot cut is to some extent a safe choice for almost everyone. For a person who is really thin or heavy skinny jeans is not a good choice as it can make them look like a stick or for heavier person it will not hide the curves of body. In contrast boot cut will suit these body types better and will balance out the body frame better.
There is one more style that is becoming popular for teenagers are slightly baggy on top and tapering very little around the calf. It has pleats at the waits like trousers.

Jeans has always been associated with color blue and today also the basic blue or indigo color and dark blue color hold their place. Although colors like white and grey are popular these days but nothing can beat the basic blue color. People constantly look for comfort in their most preferred casual wear jeans so the material like denim mixed with lycra are really popular. According to jeans buying guide this is what is really popular among the customers.

Innovation in denim is a constant thing is designers have been working to give it a refreshed look. In the coming future the what we will se is the development in washes and finishes of denim fabric. Recently Royal College of Art held a project “Planet Denim” and challenged the students to focus on the design and finish of the iconic “5 pocket” denim jean. The purpose was to develop denim jeans for a sustainable planet. The work of three students was short listed. Aleksandra Domanevskaya presented very interesting concept of ‘Fade Jeans’. The concet is to offer customers an opportunity to modify their jeans and design their own pair which they will value. The appearance of jeans can be modified in terms of color and wear by the customer himself. The functionality is based on  leaving the dye semi finished. Consumers can wash them to their desired level of fade and then fix the colour of the jeans in the washing machine with a sachet of dye fixative provided. The material of jeans will be recyclable and the stitching thread used will be Lyocell which is biodegradable. Read more about this at
The future of denim is about appearance and designing of jeans like Current/Elliott has introduced a four pocket jean where one back pocket is missing

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