Saturday, October 9, 2010

collection inspired by 1930's style

The Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection by Marc Jacobs was inspired by 1930’s. The collection was buxom than usual, Jacob’s admired the natural waist line in his clothes. The hemlines were long refocusing eyes away from legs. All though there was little choice for silhouettes but it meant for women to be appreciated like women as the silhouettes did in 1930 when the focus again shifted to curvy women.  It was similar to functional shapes of 1930’s smothered in guipure lace over satin, or woven in metallic thread.

Donna karan’s recent collection of spring 2011 has a sensual quality of bias cut style. The below-the-knee slip dress, or a draped silk charmeuse evening gown with fraying edges reminds me f sensual women of 30’s. Inspired by sepia photographs of 1930’s she has all the colors and flow silhouettes accentuating the female body.


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