Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vera Wang

Vera Wang spring 2011 collection is a nice example of amalgamation of east and west. Her
Japanese inspired creations with voluminous fold around the hip, at the shoulder and around waits are spectacular. The whole collection has certain lovely and ethereal look.  Her designs might have requirement of extra fabric but exemplify how to manipulate aspects of both east and west silhouettes and incorporate them to produce perfect blend.

I like her collection as it compliments both feminine and masculine sides. The draped, body-loving sheaths in beautiful lush florals, and hand-ruched tulle dresses has sweet womanly appeal, simultaneously there is asymmetrical quilted vests worn over pinstripe jumpsuits and an ivory organdy kimono blouse tucked into puffed up gym shorts with mischievous manly look. She has successfully stepped out of her color palette of white, black and bright hues for her bridal wears and fortified her image with a youthful edge.

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