Friday, September 10, 2010


Fashions source book is a collection of documents that describes the changes in fashion with fascinating details along with various inspiring thoughts and pictures. It’s a place where the research work is compiled which then moulds into mood and further into designs. This particular fashion source book recapitulates or will review the evolution of fashion and its current version applicable in contemporary fashion.

Bustles or Grecian bend a style that was first in fashion during 1870 - 1875 and next it came back in 1883- 1891-2. Though it’s difficult to distinguish between two styles but the verifying the hair styles can depict the specific differences. The vintage style clothing has always been transformed into contemporary style so the bustle has also been. The amount of transformation depends upon the designer. Here is an example of how the bustle has been transformed by one designer.

                    1872                                                                        1886

 Contenporay Version

Following is a collection by Eyola a fashion house and the inspiration for this was from opulent style of Victorian era with a unique contemporary twist. The thing I liked about this collection is that how the proportion placement of Victorian style has been modified. I n the golden yellow dress the voluptuous hem has been shifted form ankle to hip level.

Compare the last two and see how things can be modified.

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